2009 NJSIAA Outdoor Track and Field Committee Meeting

June 9, 2009

9:30 A.M.

Robbinsville, NJ



In Attendance: Frank Calise (F.A. T. expert), James Camburn (Meet Director, South Groups 2 and 3), Ed Colona (Meet Director, South Groups 4 and1), Jay Demarest (Meet Director, Central Groups 2 and 3), Lou Fraulo (Meet Director, North I Groups 1 and 4), Bill Milone (Meet Director, North 2 Groups 3 and 4), Rich Refi (Meet Director Central Groups 1 and 4 – also Coach of Hillsborough), Carl Rickershauser (State Rules Interpreter and Referee), John Schwartz (Meet Director, North 2 Groups 1 and 2) , Gerald Richardson (Lenape High School Track, Coach), John Struck (Morris Hills Track Coach), Pam Wilson (Track Coach Hackettstown) and Don Danser (NJSIAA Staff)

Absent: Wayne Gardiner (Delbarton School), Brian Rodak (Meet Director North I Groups 2 and 3), Dr. James Sarruda (Executive Committee Representative), and Shemayne Williams, (Immaculate Heart Academy Track Coach)


I.          Correspondence

            A. Private Coaches – Livingston High School

                        --also Nutley High School

Several letters from schools asking for help with private coaches interfering with public school coaches especially in the pole vault. Many of these coaches have coaches’ passes. Schools are reminded that they should not list on the entry form any person as an assistant coach who has not been approved by their Board of Education. It does not matter whether or not they are paid. The issue of private coaches is really a local one, but if member schools feel that the NJSIAA should be dealing with this issue by creating a rule that clearly indicates the boundaries of private coaches and the penalties that they and their athletes may incur if they cross these boundaries, they should contact their Executive Committee representatives or address correspondence to Mr. Steven Timko, Executive director.

            B.   Automatic Qualifying Standards – Hillsborough High School

The NJSIAA philosophy when it comes to Meets/Tournament of Champions is not trying to get the best athletes/teams into these teams. If that were the case, we would do away with Group Titles and everyone would start in one large group/bracket to reach a single champion, which is how the individual wrestling tournament is conducted. The NJSIAA philosophy has been to create a showcase for the Group Winners to perform. This proposal would be contrary to that philosophy

            C. Triple Jump at South Plainfield - Marlboro High School

The South Plainfield Girls Triple Jump runway has on it marks at 20’ 24’ 28’ and 32’. The pit itself is 24 feet long. A 36’ takeoff may have been more comfortable for jumpers, but not required. Only one coach saw it as a problem. Before the event started, the South Plainfield Site Manager did measure out a 36’ board, and the coaches involved agreed to accept a taped board. After the meet, the coach stated that the tape didn’t work that well because it rained during the event and the tape had to be continually attended to. At the urging of the committee, since South Plainfield will be redoing their runways, a 36’ board for girls triple jump will be painted on the new runway.

            D. Advancing to M o C and other concerns - Southern Regional

See I B above and item III below

            E. Sites – Randolph, Clifton, and Westfield High School

These three schools all stated that they would like to see the Group 4 meet venue changed because of the distance and expense of traveling from the north to Egg Harbor every year. No one put forth a suitable site to change it to, even on a rotation bases. Any school that has the facility to handle the meet is free to make an offer to host it. If the site is found to be as or nearly as suitable, then the “rotation” of Group 4 will be a possibility.

            F. 2009 Glitches – Bergen Record Reporter

The reporter stated that on 6 lane tracks at sectional competition where there would be more than 6 heats in the 100 and 100/110 high hurdles, the winners and next fastest times should always advance, so there should be semi-finals in these cases. No one, especially the coaches on the committee, felt this was a good idea.

Another concern was in the Group meet, 800, 1600, and 3200 sectional winners should be given the option of being in the seeded heat. The clerks are instructed to do so if the times of the slowest sectional winners are not too far off what would be the cutoff if strictly going by time. This is a judgment that is made by the Head Clerk at each meet. The report is correct that to leave a sectional winner out of the seeded section just to have two even sections is wrong and contrary to the clerk’s instructions. It is standard policy, but humans run meets and sometimes they need to be reminded.

            G. Volunteer – Parsippany Hills

Committee members are set by the Executive Committee, but if we form committees to study certain projects dealing with track, we will keep you in mind.

            H. Meet of Champs – Clifton High School

One of our rarer communications that contained nothing but praise for the M o C and its host South Plainfield. Thank you

            I.  Parsippany Sectional site – Secaucus High School

According to this correspondence all four jumping events are far from ideal at Parsippany. John Schwartz stated that Parsippany had plans to improve these problems. Two other schools have offered, at least informally to take the meet if Parsippany cannot make the improvements. That decision is up to the Meet Directors.

            J. Officiating at South Plainfield Groups – parent

In the process of running 736 events, in 5 days in 10 sites involving nearly 500 officials and more than 10,000 athletes, mistakes in the “heat of battle” happen. We try to avoid them, but given the nature of humans, they happen. In this case, an improperly seeded athlete (a 5th seeded athlete in the preliminary rounds of the 100 hurdles was placed in lane 8) was not one the referee could fix.

            K. Open Pit at M of C for LJ and Tj – River Dell High School

The committee liked the Open Pit for the sectionals and groups but did agree with the correspondent that since field events start before running events, having flights in the triple and long jumps with an average of 35 competitors may work better, so next year, open pit for sections and groups – flights of 4-12 (as stated in the NFHS rules) will be used in the long and triple jumps in the M of C.

            L. DQ question at Egg Harbor -  Newark Academy

Seems that a coach was not made aware of a disqualification at the Group Meet in Egg Harbor. It appears to have been a case of miscommunication because of the circumstances.

            M. Indoor times for seeding - Manalapan High School

Wanted to use indoor time to upgrade a seed time for a group winner going into the Meet of Champions. Although it is not clearly stated that it must be an outdoor time, past practice has been that the performance must come from the current season. That will be made clearer in the regulations.

            N. Plea for advancement – Athlete, Parent, Athletic Director

An athlete’s card was misplaced (clerk had verified he had seen the card) and because of the mistake, had to run by himself in the 400 hurdles. He was advanced to the next level.

An athlete who had medaled in a field event was disqualified because the coach did not enter her correct computer competitor number on her entry card. Although the tournament regulations say that this may be done, it has never been done until this year. The committee will remove the disqualification wording from the tournament regulations and will put the following into effect: For each incorrect or missing competitor’s number, the athlete’s school will be fined $20.00.  The disqualification had to stand because the NJSIAA constitution states there can be no appeal for misapplication of the rule after the contest is concluded. However, the athlete was advanced to the next level.

            O. High Jump ruling – parent

High jump official called a foul (failed attempt) on an athlete who had extended her arm beyond the plain of the high jump bar without touching the bar or the pad. The athlete would have tied for 6th place. We will ask the officials chapters in their rules meetings to stress the rules of this event with their officials because it has been reported to be happening in dual meets and else where. Coaches should always ask for a clarification from the official and if necessary the referee in cases like this, because after the event, there is nothing that can be done.

            P. Mahwah Throwing events complaint – Morris Hills

Javelin was thrown in two massive flights instead of 4 to 12 as stated in the NFHS rules at the N1 Sectional meet at Mahwah. Meet Directors and Referees need to stress the proper way these events are to be conducted. Written instructions were supposed to have been given to every official to help prevent this, but on site supervision must be used to prevent this. Coaches can help by pointing out the mistake to the official and if necessary the referee and meet management.

            Q. Suggestion for renovation of Egg HarborHaddon Township

Recommended to Egg Harbor to have a grass runway for the Javelin. The Committee felt just the opposite and hoped more all-weather runways would be installed.

            R. Hackensack officiating – Official

The application of the hurdle rule was questioned here. There were six athletes disqualified at this sectional meet. NJSIAA official policy says at least two officials need to see the violation before disqualification. If hurdles are not the “block” hurdles but the “rocker” type, it is much easier to for the hurdler to appear to be violation of the rules.

            S. Hackensack pole vault – Park Ridge

Complained about the suitability and legality of the pole vault landing system. Lou Fraulo, the meet director, and Don Danser, the tournament director, both examined the pole vault system and found it to be suitable a legal. No other complaint before, during or after was received about it.

II.          Date of the Meet of Champions

            A. Survey Results

            B. From a fan’s perspective Jim Crossin or Annandale

            C  and another fan – Mike Frye

The survey was split down the middle on this one. Committee decided to move the Meet of Champions to Thursday with a rain date of Friday as a result.


III.         Non-Public “situation”

            A. From a reporter’s perspective – Reporter Bergen Record

            B. From a coach – Edison High School

We are all aware of the problems with the Group Meet at Egg Harbor this past season. After talking about the situation and possible alternatives, the Committee came to the following consensus:

     Buena will host Sectional for South 2, 3, and Non Public B

     Egg Harbor will host Sectional for South 1, 4 and  Non Public A

     Hillsborough will host Sectional for Central 1 and 4

     Monmouth Regional will host Sectional for Central 2 and 3

     South Plainfield will host Sectional for North I 1, 3, and Non Public A

     Parsippany will host Sectional for North I 2 and 4

     Randolph will host Sectional for North II 1, 4 and Non-Public B

     Mahwah will host Sectional for North II 2 and 3

The division of Non-Public into North A , North B, South A and South B will be done to equal the number of teams in between north and south divisions.


Group Meets

     South Plainfield will host Group Meet for 1, 3, and A

     Egg Harbor will host Group Meet for  2, 4, and B


With six qualifying in each event from each section,

     Each Public Group will have a maximum of 24 competitors per event

     Each Non-Public Group will have a maximum of 12 competitors per event.


This new alignment must be approved by the NJSIAA Finance Committee and then by the Program Review Committee.


IV.        Adding 4x100 and 4x800 relay events to Track program

            A. Survey Results

            40% favored not adding any events

            60% favored adding at least one event

            (209 responses to the survey)


            B. Adding Relays Paul Jayson – former NJ Coach now coaching in PA


Committee came to a consensus to add both relays to the Meet of Champions only and not to the scoring portion of the tournaments, mainly to give us a chance to see how the new sectional alignment works. By league adoption one or both of these events can be added to dual meets (must be scoring events) and by games committees to conference/league, county, invitationals  either as scoring or open events.


IV.        Tournament Regulations Update

            Dates: Sectionals May 21, 22, 2010

                       Groups      May 28, 29, 2010 (Memorial Day Weekend)

                        M of C       June 3, 2010 (Thursday, with June 4, Friday the rain date)


Site change – Mr Lou Fraulo is retiring as Sectional Director for North 1

                      Replacing him will be Len Pietrewicz and as is our policy, the Meet Director can choose his/her site for the meet. Len has chosen Randolph High School

We would like to extend our appreciation to Hackensack High School for hosting the meet in the past. We greatly appreciated your hospitality.


The  Meet of Champions starting time will be 3:30 for all events because the 4x100 and 4x800 will be the first two events of the program. Only the top 16 teams from the state will be accepted. On sectional day, a school wishing to enter will submit a seed time and up to 8 names to run in the event. The top 16 from these entries will be selected. The qualifiers will be posted along with the Group Meet performance lists either late Sunday or Monday morning. This first year will not incur an extra entry fee for the two M of C relays. A minimum seed will be established by April 2010.