Following is the New Jersey Track all-state team for the 2001-02
indoor season. It is based on performances in major meets through the
National and Nike event on the second week of March. The early date of the
all-group meet makes it impossible to base the selections soley and, in some
cases, even largely on the results there, though they do play an important
        Whatever their defects, these teams have one merir, however, they
are based solely on the accomplishments of the athletes during the season,
not on what school they happen to attend, as unfortunately has become the
case in another such selection.


                                                        FIRST TEAM
55M  James Townsend, Holy Cross                      Jr.
400M Ray Williams, Scotch Plains                     Sr.
800M Ken Sinkovitz, Bergen Catholic                  Jr.
1600M Jeremy Zagorski, Parsippany Hills              So.
3200M Marc Pelerin, Cherokee                         Sr.
HH   Irving Stills, Trenton                          Jr.
HJ   Mike Morrison, Willingboro                      Jr.
PV   Jonas TePaske, Freehold Boro                    Sr.
LJ   Lawrence Adjah, Piscataway                      Sr.
TJ   Weston Daniel, Bergenfield                      Sr.
SP   Glenn DiGiorgio, Bayonne                        Sr.
800R            Camden
1600R          Camden
3200R          Notre Dame
6400MR       Haddonfield
SMR             Cherokee
DMR             Haddonfield
SHR             Wall

                                            SECOND TEAM
55M  Todd Dutch, Washington Twp                      Sr.
400M Lance Wigfall, Clifford Scott                   Jr.
800M Shannon Sherrer, Vineland                       Jr.
1600M John Richardson, Ocean City                    Jr.
3200M Dan Deichert, Eastern                          Jr.
HH   Lawrence Adjah, Piscataway                      Sr.
HJ   Guy Jackson, North Brunswick                    Jr.
PV   Carl Stuart, Toms River North                   Sr.
LJ   Sean Mayers, Cherokee                           Sr.
TJ   Delon Pompey, Paterson Eastside                 Sr.
SP   Uzoma Orji, Matawan                             Sr.
800R             Trenton
1600R           Vineland
3200R           Willingboro
6400MR        Hillsboro
SMR             Christian Brothers
DMR             St. Benedictís
SHR              Christian Brothers

                                                 THIRD TEAM
55M  Jean LeBlanc, Clifford Scott                    Sr.
400M Jade Smith, Camden                              Sr.
800M Noah Waters, St. Benedictís                     Sr.
1600M Skip Stiles, Haddonfield                       Sr.
3200M Jim Flannery, St. Joseph (Met.)                Sr.
HH   Matt Dahms, Haddonfield                         Sr.
HJ   Matt Klemic, Mainland                           Sr.
PV   Kevin Feeney, Randolph                          Sr.
LJ   Jay Hill, St. John Vianney                      Sr.
TJ   Jason Endres, Paramus                           Sr.
SP   Adam Kuehl, Monmouth                            Sr.
800R            Vineland
1600R          Eastern
3200R          Don Bosco Prep
6400R          Don Bosco Prep
SMR            Vineland
DMR            Eastern
SHR            Haddonfield


                                              FIRST TEAM
55M  Takara Wilks, Queen of Peace                     Jr.
400M Tawana Watkins, Paterson Kennedy                 Sr.
800M Kathleen Trotter, Red Bank                       Jr.
1600M Casey Nelson, Hunterdon Central                 So.
3200M Amanda Trotter, Red Bank                        Jr.
55H  Jennifer Whitlock, Montclair                     Sr.
HJ   Debra Vento, Freehold Boro                       Jr.
PV   Danielle OíReilly, Shawnee                       So.
LJ   Shameka Speed, Bridgeton                         Jr.
TJ   Andrea Herbert, Passaic county Tech              Sr.
SP   Kelly Fazekas, Demarest                          Jr.
800R          Willingboro
1600R         Willingboro
3200R         Wilson
6400R         Red Bank
SMR          Wilson
DMR          Red Bank
SHR          Trenton

                                            SECOND TEAM
55M  Jenna Harris, Franklin                          Jr.
400M Erin Crawford, Hillsboro                        Jr.
800M Erin Crawford, Hillsboro                        Jr.
1600M Amanda Trotter, Red Bank                       Jr.
3200M Liz Wort, Voorhees                             Sr.
55H  Porscha Dobson, Kent Place                      Jr.
HJ   Abby Campbell, Shawnee                          So.
PV   Holly Stettner, Hunterdon Central               Sr.
LJ   Collette DeBenedetto, Mountain Lakes            So.
TJ   Collette DeBenedetto, Mountain Lakes            So,
SP   Kelly Fazekas, Demarest                         Sr.
800R          Wilson
1600R         Wilson
3200R         Middletown South
6400R         Hopewell Valley
SMR          Trenton
DMR          Wilson
SHR          Jackson

                                                    THIRD TEAM
55M  Shameka Speed, Bridgeton                        Jr.
400M Shameka Speed, Bridgeton                        Jr.
800M Lauren Lewis, Southern Ocean                    So.
1600M Kathleen Trotter, Red Bank                     Jr.
3200M Christy Planer, Rumson                         Sr.
55H  Allison Nesbitt, Mt. St. Maryís                 Sr.
HJ   Liz Schenk, Jackson                             Sr.
PV   Karen Stritzki, Hunterdon Central               Sr.
LJ   April Williams, Elizabeth                       Sr.
TJ   Chrissy Procopio, Indian Hills                  Sr.
SP   Nicola Wilson, Trenton                          Sr.
800R          Camden
1600R         Trenton
3200R         Glen Rock
6400R         Glen Rock
SMR          Hillsboro
DMR          Hunterdon Central
SHR          Hillsboro