Scullion's Timing - Contractor License                4/17/2021 - 9:38 PM
          2021 James Madison University Invitational - 4/17/2021          
                  University Park Track & Field Complex                   
Event 38  Men Hammer Throw
     Stadium: S 60.58m  2014        Max Milder, Northeastern              
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Cook, Jr., Kelly             William and Mary        63.99mS    209-11
      63.06m  X  60.18m  63.99m  59.40m  61.48m                           
  2 Wright, Jason                William and Mary        58.54m     192-01
      55.79m  58.54m  54.18m  53.97m  56.43m  56.52m                      
  3 Simmons, Jaylen              George Mason            55.63m     182-06
      51.06m  X  51.76m  55.01m  51.84m  55.63m                           
  4 Yap, Sidney                  George Mason            53.13m     174-04
      53.13m  X  51.03m  X  X  46.58m                                     
  5 Ransome, Avory               George Mason           x51.51m     169-00
      48.81m  49.53m  51.51m  48.52m  48.36m  46.75m                      
  6 Granger, Andrew              Vmi                     50.51m     165-08
      X  47.98m  50.51m  X  X  X                                          
  7 Kestyn, Robert               George Mason           x46.63m     153-00
      X  46.63m  42.65m  X  X  X                                          
 -- Viau, Benjamin               George Mason              FOUL           
      X  X  X  X  X  X